Legal Audit

Our clients often require legal audit services. A legal audit is a detailed, in-depth review of a business. Audits may be conducted as part of due diligence in a purchase and sale transaction or prior to another major event, such as a financing round.

We regularly work with buyers, lenders, and investors to review target companies. We also work on behalf of target companies to identify problem areas before they come up in due diligence.

Our legal audit services involve a complete review of operations, vendor and supplier relationships, customer contracts, corporate governance and minute books, regulatory compliance, and employee or contractor arrangements to determine where risks lie. Depending on our client’s needs, we tailor the review to reflect the required level of detail and can limit the audit to areas of concern. We make thoughtful and insightful recommendations based on our review, which can be used by the company to tighten up its operations or by the external parties (buyers, lenders, and investors) to negotiate a fair deal.