Business Legal Services

We work with a broad range of businesses at different stages of corporate development. Our lawyers have experience with all aspects of corporate law and are able to assist with everything from structuring and organization to corporate governance to exit events.

Our proactive approach to business law ensures that our clients meet their current needs and effectively plan for the future.

corporate Commercial

    Whether supporting your everyday requirements or tackling one-off issues, we work with you to ensure your operations run smoothly. From general contract review to financing and other opportunities, we can advise on the most effective ways of achieving your commercial objectives.

    mergers & acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a branch of corporate law dealing with purchases, sales, and mergers of companies. These often complex transactions can involve financing and security issues, cross-border issues, and both cash and stock consideration.

    tax reorganizations

    Tax planning is a key driver for corporate structures. While we do not provide tax advice, we work closely with our clients' accounting advisors and tax specialists to create tax-efficient structures that utilize vehicles such as trusts and holding companies.

    Key Sectors

    Over the years we have developed niche practice areas in certain sectors thanks to long-standing relationships with clients in a range of industries.  


    Quantum Law has substantial experience in the area of franchise law. We have represented franchisors and franchisees in various industries and businesses. Our aim is to protect your business rights while promoting mutually beneficial franchise relationships.


    With offices located in the Okanagan Valley, Quantum Law offers a comprehensive legal services to a range of clients in the liquor industry. We have developed a niche practice in this complex regulatory area through our service of winery, brewery, and distillery clients.


    The technology sector presents specific challenges and legal issues that require a combination of legal advice and strategic business planning. We assist our clients with many aspects of the development, commercialization, and protection of technology and intellectual property.

    Unconventional Extras

    In keeping with our "out of the ordinary" model, we also offer a few additional options.

    in-house style services

    For companies that aren't large enough to have in-house counsel, but need more than just occasional support. We work closely with several companies and fulfill the roles typically managed by in-house counsel, including providing input on operational issues, reviewing and preparing contracts, negotiating deal terms, and developing long-term strategies.


    Early stage businesses require hands-on assistance, but usually do not have the capital available to fund full-scale legal services. Failure to properly set up your business often leads to costly rectification later on. Recognizing this gap, we have developed a start-up package for new ventures that provides the essential agreements you need to get started.

    legal audit

    During the life cycle of a business, our clients often require legal audit services (whether for their own companies or for a potential target). A legal audit is a detailed, in-depth review of a business. Audits may be conducted as part of due diligence in a purchase and sale transaction or prior to another major event, such as a financing round.